Why do South Koreans hate India? I love South Korea so much. Will they treat me bad if I settle there?




Kei Kim, Sinior Specialist at LG (2010-present)

I'm sorry to hear that you felt sometihng... rather not good... I suppose..

I believe there is no reason for being hated if you are from India~


Koreans likes indian Curry very much but what is in Korea it's not real Indan Curry.. it's Japanese style Curry settled in Korea as Curry but anyways I think true Indan Food is also popular in some area.


Bollywood Films are also quite funny.. but I believe the story line should be improved in realism.. as most of indean flim is too much about the Main Character . He is almost like is superman.. fighting alone againt 200 bad people..


So Koreans do not have any feelings to Indians~


It's probably something to do with the ''Skin Tone'.. as Korea has serious racism issue about the skin tone. it's due to old idea.. and superstitious thing in general send... in Korean there is distintive idea about ?[陰]negative & ?[陽] positive, good & evil, dark side & Light side.. the ?[陰]negative & ?[陽] positive ?(氣) = energy was treated very important in local customs sense..

So black color often were sign of bad luck and death.


So I hope you don't get it so seriously about this..


if you are like~ darkskinned~ There is 1 thing for sure~ people will just stare a lot.. as dark skinned can be very eye-catching among the Koreans~

so if you are person with positive mind~ who can enjoy being stared~ you will be fine in Korea~



I believe this 'racist act?' is normally from the old people~ but there is any intension to treat you bad or unfairly~ (they don't know what they are doing will hurt others)~ However if mis-treated~ don't stay doing nothing~!! Say it out loud~ 'don't be a racist!!'.. then they will get their mouth shut.. other people will come to support you~ the ignorant old people is problem.. but the old group takes the majority in whole population in Korea nowadays~


Korea has beauty standard set to Western style~

big eyes~ high sharp nose~ white clean skin~ this is due to recent history~ as US supported S-Korea to be re-built from all ruined part from 1955 when the Korean War ended~ US army stayed in Korea, having the white US people around~ near by~ the most things from US was admired ~ also at that time~ US was really the best country~ so~ Fashion & beauty standard was set to US style~


大眼睛~高鼻子~白皮肤~这是由于1955年朝鲜战争结束时美军呆在韩国,到处都有白皮肤的美国人~ ~来自美国的东西最受赞赏,在那个时候,美国是最先进的国家,所以韩国的时尚和审美标准跟随了美国风格。

However.. this thinking of skin-tone~ is changing~

More mixed generations are growing up in Korea~ international marriage are more common in these days~ the idea/thinking ~ is probably getting better as younger generations feel natural about foreigners.. but I know it's still long way to go.. ~ I believe there is hope & positive future ahead.. if we teach the young people in right direction~ education is very important~

然而. .这种对肤色的看法正在改变



Donghwan Kim, College Student. Korean Canadian.

Korea certainly don't have nationality hatred towards India. A correct word would be looking down. Some uneducated Koreans do look down on people with darker skin. This is because most countries where dark skin people are the majority are less wealthy than Korea. It is less of a racial discrimination and more of wealth discrimination. This is epitomized from change of attitute when those Koreans realize dark people are richer than them.

There are no racial crimes in Korea. But you will often be stared by random people who are curious about foreigners. It may be difficult to fit in “inner circle”, even if you speak perfect Korean, because they won't consider you as true Korean. To many Koreans, true Koreans are those who look Korean and speak Korean. Even SE Asians are looked down in Korea; for Indians it will be more evident.

It is unfortunate truth for you, but as non east asian you will always feel an invisible barrier to most Koreans.

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