Ask the PM a question and TOI will take it to him



NEW DELHI: We, at The Times of India, believe in empowering our readers.

We will be interviewing Prime Minister Narendra Modi in the next few days.

Among the questions we will ask him, we will also include some asked by you, our readers.

We will choose a select few and put them across to the PM during the interview.




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Anupam - 2 days ago -Follow

what measures your government will take to control the population?



Jyo - 2 days ago -Follow

Modi ji how long it will take for a corrupt dynasty congress mukt bharat?



Pakisarehomosandsuck - Kalooooo Gandu Pakistan - 2 days ago -Follow

When will you put the looters of India...the fake Gandhis in jail?



Dean - traveller - 2 days ago -Follow

when will India become Hindu rastra again?



Mein CHOWIKIDAR nahi hoon - 2 days ago -Follow

When he will deposit 15 lakh to each tax payer account, from Swiss bank, Black Money etc



Rushiraj Jadeja - 2 days ago -Follow

When could india be able to provide free education as alike bhutan ?



Vikash Holla - 2 days ago -Follow

Do you think we are fool? We know what kind of question you will take and which will be answered and published. He has not done a press conference during his term will answer questions from public. You must be joking otherwise.



Indian - 2 days ago -Follow

when I will receive my 15 lack?



DOMINIC JOSEPH - 2 days ago -Follow

Modiji, when will you JUMLAS end?



Dreet - 2 days ago -Follow

Why not have a American style TV debate with RaGa Mamtadi Mayawati or Kejriwal. Is he frightened of Priyanka?



The Arm Chair - 2 days ago -Follow

On what merit did Anil Ambani get 30000cr rafale offset contract.....?



Aikant - New Delhi - 2 days ago -Follow

I will like to know the educational qualification of Mr.PM, Institute from where he graduated, course he studied and duration of study (years from to)



Zenith - 2 days ago -Follow

How many Lies he says per day ?



The Arm Chair - 2 days ago -Follow

Since demonetisation and GST were grand successes of this BJP govt ....why BJP is not highlighting it in the election campaign to ask for votes?



Maharashtrian - Mumbai - 2 days ago -Follow

In Five years No Press conference of Jumla Sarkar Why?

From which they are afraid of?



Muthu - Chennai - 2 days ago -Follow

Why our PM never interacts with journalists, no interviews, hardly talk in Parliament, always full of controversy talks. how India will develop




Straightfromheart - India - 2 days ago -Follow

Does Modi ji think that our police system, especially in states ruled by BJP, have become less corrupt and more people friendly under him? If yes, what steps BJP has taken to ensure that and if not, why?



The Arm Chair - 2 days ago -Follow

make in India.......patel statue 3300cr from China....bullet train from Japan.....rafale from France.....aisa hai to make in India Kya Hai?

在印度,耗资330亿卢比的帕特尔雕像是靠中国造的,高铁是日本来建,“阵风”是从法国买的,为什么这些不能在印度制造 ?


Adamroy - 2 days ago -Follow


1: Why there is a need of pass to go in Arunachal and same way why we Indian can't buy property or settle down in J&k?

2: why illegal bangladeshi is still living in west Bengal, Assam , Tripura and part of north east?

why no deport system?

why they get permanent citizenship so easily?

Dont India feel there is massive Internal security thread?

3: why court cases so lazy which take years after years or sometimes decades?


2 .为什么非法滞留的孟加拉人仍生活在西孟加拉邦、阿萨姆邦、特里普拉邦和东北部的部分地区?为什么没有驱逐出境?为什么他们这么容易获得永久公民身份?


3 .为什么法庭办案如此拖沓,要花费数年甚至数十年的时间?


Aravindan - Kuala Lumpur - 2 days ago -Follow

How to make India free from congress.



The Arm Chair - 2 days ago -Follow

how come pulwama attacked when you were on duty as chowkidaar....?



Bharath - TamilNadu - 2 days ago -Follow

Why Modi is afraid of attending a press conference?



Truth Is Bitter - Bharath - 1 day ago -Follow

What happened to Ache Din .. you gave ache din to Corporate friends and forgotten the Poor People.



Election Beast - 2 days ago -Follow

How come a fake degree holder reached to cabinet minister position??



Gaurav - 2 days ago -Follow

Dear sir why your are speaking only about the defence in every election rally??



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